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More than a foot massage, the science of reflexology has a long history. Our reflexologists are Tennessee Board certified and adhere to the highest standards possible. Reflexology helps people achieve a deep level of relaxation, which not only relieves stress but improves wellness.

When specific reflex points on the foot or hands are skillfully pressured, it can induce healing responses in corresponding organs and areas of the body. Reflexology can help clear channels of blocked energy through moving the flow of blood, nutrients and nerve impulses to ultimately improve overall health and balance. Salt and Soles uses locally sourced premium quality natural products in their treatments so you know you're getting the best!

Add CBD oil to any reflexology session for $15

Locally sourced CBD oil used throughout your reflexology for added pain and anxiety relief



Combined Western and Eastern Methods

This session begins with a brief wellness consultation which will help your Reflexologist custom tailor your treatment based on your needs. Specific reflex points on the feet or hands are pressured to promote homeostasis and healing. We practice proven Western-style Reflexology techniques combined with Eastern Acupressure. Vibrational Sound Therapy can be added upon request.

$95  (45min)

 $115 (60min)

   $175  (90min) 



Ultimate wellness ritual for you!

If you'd like to treat yourself in a very special way, this is it! We call it our Bliss Package! You will get reflexology treatment, while you are enjoying salt therapy in our beautiful handbuilt Himalayan Salt Cave. Your day will never be the same.

Salt Therapy + 30 min reflexology  $105

Salt Therapy + 45 min reflexology  $125

Salt Therapy + 90 min reflexology  $225

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