Salt Therapy Pricing

45 Minute Salt Therapy Sessions- Sessions start daily on the hour. You can book online or by phone, 615-920-5557. 

Single Salt Therapy Session


Salt Therapy Packages- Packages are shareable with family & friends and are valid up to one year after purchase. Good for people who need more flexibility, but still want to save money!

5 Salt Therapy Sessions ( $30/session)


10 Salt Therapy Sessions ( $26/session)


20 Salt Therapy Sessions ( $22/session)


Salt Therapy Wellness Plan- We have two plans for you! Savings up to 51 %!!  Minimum 3 month commitment. After that, you can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice. You can also make it shareable with a special someone for extra $15. Our customers love to combine salt therapy with another services, such as Therapeutic Reflexology, Vibrational Sound Therapy or Amethyst Biomat. For more details, please click below.

$52- Two salt therapy/month

( Only $26 per salt therapy, 33% savings! )

$69 - Four salt therapy/month

( Only $17.25 per salt therapy, 56% savings! )

Unlimited Salt Therapy Sessions-   A great option for people who want to get the benefits of Salt Therapy regularly during a set time or desire to treat a particular issue. Come as often as you like during operating hours. This offer is not transferable or shareable for others. 


1 Month Unlimited Salt Therapy Sessions


Monthly Unlimited Salt Therapy Session Membership

$129 (3 month minimum)

Monthly Unlimited Salt Therapy Session Membership

$99 (1 year minimum)