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Integral Sound Healing with Reflexology

Uniquely designed and offered exclusively by Connie Chang, the owner of  Salt and Soles, a certified reflexologist, sound healer and yoga teacher. Combining the two ancient healing modalities of sound healing and authentic reflexology, your day will never be the same. Imagine your stress and anxiety melting away as beautiful handmade Tibetan singing bowls , Crystal singing bowls and tuning forks and other sound healing instruments are gently played on and around your body. Imagine the blood cells being  massaged by the vibrational waves of the signing bowls, helping your body & mind rejuvenate. This session takes place in a private treatment room and includes a consultation and in person reflexology overview by Connie. 


The healing power of sound, used throughout human history, is one of the first natural healing methods. The soothing nature and deep resonating vibrations from the Tibetan singing bowls and other sound therapy instruments help to quiet our minds and bring homeostasis. The vibrational sound healing modality combines these notions into a system focused on the deep penetrating vibrational properties of the hand hammered bell bronze Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal singing bowls, gong, tuning forks, rain stick and chimes.

What is a session like?

The session is done with you lying comfortably on an authentic Amethyst Biomat. After a brief consultation with Connie about what your intentions and needs are, she will first assess your energy and blockage using the reflexology and work on your feet to help to restore the balance to your nervous and endocrine gland system. Then, therapeutic sound healing instruments such as tuning forks or Tibetan singing bowls will be placed on or around your body. As therapeutic sounds from various instruments are gently played, it will help to allow your stagnant and unhealthy energies to be cleared away and restore your natural resonance, brining you to a state of balance, peace and harmony. During the session, you may start to enter into the alpha or theta brain wave pattern where the body begins to absorb waves of vibration. This relaxed state allows your body to begin to heal itself, easing pain, anxiety and stress.


What are the benefits ? 

  • Helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

  • Helps to reduce pain and ease tensions of the body.

  • Helps to improve vagal tones and boost the immune system.

  • Helps to find balance and bring clarity to minds. 

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