Salt and Soles is all about people, wellness and transformation! We're blessed to have a business that is so centered around staying aware and mindful to the needs of others. We're equally blessed to partner with fantastic people who share our passion to bring wellness and healing to those who are open to receiving  it. So, here's a little bit more about the people we're proud to be on this journey with us. 

Connie Chang-Tallman, RCR, RYT.

The owner and founder of Salt and Soles is also our incredible lead reflexologist and registered yoga teacher. She is a true healer and gives that awesome personal touch to every client. Her reflexology method is the result of years of extensive training in alternative therapy modalities from South Korea, India and the USA. In her practice, she incorporates reflexology methods developed by Dr. Manzanares, a world renowned physician and reflexology teacher.   After a successful career working for Fortune 100 companies, she knew it was time to pursue her true calling- helping people and making a difference in their lives through natural healing. Connie and John came up with the original idea of creating a health spa which specializes in dry salt therapy and reflexology in 2015 and opened the first Salt and Soles in Nashville in 2017. Her other passion is cooking wholesome dishes that cross cultural and culinary boundaries and nourish the soul and body. 

John Tallman

John Tallman, the co-owner of Salt and Soles, is a practicing artist. He used his artistic vision to design our beautiful Himalayan Salt Cave while working in collaboration with Salt Therapy experts from across the world. The goal was to create a welcoming environment where people could relax and rejuvenate. The result is a salt cave which is as aesthetic pleasing as it is beneficial to wellness. John also handles the design projects and manages the promotion and marketing. He believes in providing the healers and reflexologists the best possible platform to deliver what they do best and bring their talents to the world. 

Daniel DeLozier, RCR, RYT

Daniel has a life long interest in natural healing, being brought up in a household where finances and attitudes resulted in very few visits to see the doctor. As an adult, his interest in natural healing (specifically a broken collar bone) led him to yoga and he began teaching yoga the following year. His first introduction to reflexology was in 2002, when he met and became friends with a massage therapist who specialized in reflexology.  Today he is a graduate of Nashville Academy of Reflexology and a certified reflexologist by the state of Tennessee. 

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